October 9, 2017

Moran confident Budget to address employer incentive scheme to take on older workers

Moran wants scheme to encourage employers to hire workers over 55 years.

 Minister of State, Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran is confident of Government approval in tomorrow’s budget for tax incentives to be given to employers to hire older workers.

“This section of the workforce has found it most difficult to find employment in recent times. Despite age discrimination laws, the reality is that people who are over a certain age are overlooked by employers, despite this cohort of workers being highly qualified and experienced in their respective roles,” said Minister Moran.


“A lot of people who were affected by the recession ten years ago are finding it extremely difficult to obtain work now that the economy has picked up again. I think it is only fair that an incentive is provided to employers to take on those who are over the age of 55 years,” said Minister Moran.

“I know, for example, a person’s age, appearance, or date of graduation from school are all factors that employers look out for when scanning prospective employees that impact on job selection,” said Minister Moran.

“Despite an employers’ best intentions, employers can be unwittingly show bias through ageist stereotyping and yet, by doing so, they may miss out on the best person for the job,” added Minister Moran.

“We are asking people to work longer with the retirement age increasing to 68 and yet we haven’t done anything concrete to ensure that older workers are given a better chance at getting back into the workforce,” said Minister Moran.

Minister Moran is proposing that employers be given an incentive to hire older workers either through a grant-aided scheme or an offset against profits.

“The measure would go some way to addressing the challenges faced by older workers. Unfortunately, evidence would suggest a bias against older workers, not just by employers but also in the community at large and this is something that we must tackle,” said Minister Moran.

Minister Moran confirmed he has had discussions with Finance Minister, Pascal Donohoe on the matter and is confident that the Minister is seriously considering the initiative as part of tomorrow’s Budget.

October 9, 2017

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