Ireland is a democratic country.

Voting gives the people of Ireland a chance to go to the polls, mark their ballout paper and have a say in the way our country is run. 

Who can vote?

Once you are an Irish citizen and over the age of 18, you are entitled to vote. 

You must be on the register of electors in order to receive your voting information.

What is the register of electors?

The register of electors is a list of all people who are eligible to vote. 

Some people’s names are automatically added to the register once they turn 18. 

However some have to apply for their name to be added to the register.

How do I know if I can vote?

It’s simple! You can check the register of electors by visiting the website Check The Register and enter your details.

If your name appears, congratulations! You can vote.

If your name is not listed, then don’t panic. 

Go to the section of the website where it says Application Forms and complete the relevant form to apply to be on the register.

Why should you vote?

Voting allows a person to cast their say on an issue. Every vote in any election is counted. Every vote matters. Just one vote could be the difference in a result. 

Voting is now one of our rights but this has not always been the case. The right for men and women to be allowed vote in Ireland had to be fought for by our ancestors. 

It is vital for people to have their say, both old and young, as we vote to mould our futures.